Jubilee Offer
  in honour of the fall of
the Berlin Wall

this is an unique offer for an

Original Segment of the Berlin Wall

from the famous US- administrated exclave of


  The Fall of the Berlin Wall  

The fall of the Berlin wall at the 9. November 1989
is the important event in latest history of mankind,
that symbolises the unlimited power of men
for longing for freedom and happieness.
Every single segment itself is a monument
that men can move everything
and break through all limits.

The unique Berlin Wall Monument
The segment has been removed in 1990 and is in a authentic condition. There is only the original Graffitti on.The wellknown Expert Hagen Koch from the Berlin- Wall- Archiv in Berlin could identify it clearly as Segment from the former US- administrated exclave Steinstuecken. Neighbour segments are on display in Münster/ Germany, Riga/ Latvia and also in Moscow/ Russia.
An “Expertise of Origin” by Hagen Koch will be handed out to the future owner. In addition a Photo- CD with historical pictures, Maps and documents will accompany the offer. Also original fitting wall- cover is included. 
The Segment
The number of original Berlin- Wall- Monuments is strictly limited, normally not available to public. By far the greatest part of the Wall was simply bulldozed and crushed.Because of that authentic segments are invaluable and prises are hardly to determine. Some former transactions ranging between 40K and 125K depending on the segment ( e.g. at the website of the Berlin- Wall- Commemorative Group and at interview with Nancy Reagan). In summary such a Berlin- Wall- Segment is not only a Monument it is also a unique investment.

wallcover wallcover mounted

Loading the segment

The segment has the following measurements:

Height: 11 feet 9 inch 3/4

Width: 3 feet 11 inch 1/4

Depht: 6 feet 10 inch 5/8

Weight: 5940 lb

Picture: Loading the segment.
The segment in front is now on display in Moscow. The offered segment is one of the neighbour segments. Documented by the "Berliner Mauerarchiv" of Hagen Koch.
Original photo of the eastgerman borderguards showing a part of the wall at Steinstuecken, where the segment is from.   Historic Photo of Steinstuecken wall
Map with point of origin Map of Steinstuecken with marking where the segment was located. The red cross marks the point where pictures from the loading were taken.

The special history of Steinstuecken

Steinstücken was an island that belonged to West- Berlin. In former times famous architects Mies van der Rohe, Walter Gropius and other artists have been living here. Since 1952 the residents living there, lived in constant terror. 170 West-Berliners were isolated from the outside world. First it was only possible to get in and out there by helicopters. Many refugees escaped to Steinstuecken and have been rescued by the US- military- helicopters. In order to protect the residents the US military stationed the smallest detachment ever of the US- Army, 3 military policemen of the 287th Military Co. (Separate) Steinstücken Detachment, on the island. Only these three men and the residents of Steinstuecken had access to the "island". In 1971 things improved when the US managed to get an agreement to build a 1 km passage into Steinstuecken.
US- Helicopter rescuing refugees
Refugees will be flying out by US- helicopter

Historic aerial photo of Steinstuecken

Aerial view over Steinstuecken

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